OverOps tells developers When and
Why their code breaks in production.

Detect Code Failure in Production

Detect 100% of errors,
caught and uncaught exceptions,
HTTP, log errors and warnings.
Get notified in real-time
via email, Slack, Hipchat,
Jira or PagerDuty.
Code deployment report shows
you every regression that
was introduced.
Installs in 5 minutes, no code changes required.
You can get started today.
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Supports all JVM languages

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Supports all JVM languages


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Fix Code Failure in Production

See every object, variable and
value which caused your
code to break.
Source Code
See the actual code execution
and line which caused
every exception.
Call Stack
See where exceptions were
thrown and caught across
methods and machines.

Why OverOps?

It provides insight that log files
and monitoring solutions
can only dream of.
We burn through the hay,
fluff and noise to deliver
nothing but needles.
We can run in production all day
long without any performance 
impact on your application.


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