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OverOps detects and alerts for 100% of production errors, caught and uncaught exceptions.
Easily track the exact variable values and stack trace that led to every exception and error.
OverOps operates between the processor and JVM, enabling it to run in staging and production with less than 1% overhead.

“With OverOps, we now have visibility into the long tail of problems the system has, that we otherwise wouldn’t have visibility into”

John McCann
Executive Director of Product Engineering

You deploy new versions frequently, but unpredictable issues occur all the time.

This forces you to spend extra hours on debugging, delay releases, or even roll back versions.

Your app is complex, and finding the root cause for each production error can take days.

Your top talent is wasting time on debugging tasks, instead of working on new features.

Team Efficiency

Customer Satisfaction

Release Frequency

OverOps detects all of your errors in real time and shows exactly what led to them.

WTF?! NullPointerException Again?

Instantly detect the root cause for 100% of production errors

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Installs in 5 minutes. No code changes needed.

Your app processes billions of transactions every day and serves many users.

When something breaks, you need to know about it before your users do, and you lose revenue every time you don't.

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