What is OverOps?

OverOps is a native JVM agent designed to monitor your JVMs in real time without
adding excess overhead.
OverOps detects 100% of errors,
caught and uncaught exceptions,
HTTP and log errors.
With detailed error analyses, you can see
the exact variable values and code state
that led to an error.
How it works
OverOps works on the JVM level to capture valuable data for debugging while self-throttling to maintain a CPU and IO overhead
of less than  3%. OverOps is being used as an alternative to log files at hundreds of companies with some of the busiest and most
complex production environments in the world.
Installs in 5 minutes with zero configuration required.
See complete analyses of your errors to boost your developer skills today.
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Supports all JVM languages
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Supports all JVM languages

Why OverOps?

Reduce debugging time by 80% with
full error visibility. Solve complex
errors in minutes.
Know when critical errors happen,
before your users do. See all error
types, and zoom in on errors caused
by modified code.
Make sure a solved bug doesn’t rear its
ugly head again. Get alerts when errors
you marked as resolved happen again.
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Supports all JVM languages

OverOps tells you when and why
code breaks in production.

OverOps detects all your errors and shows exactly what led to them. Identify critical issues, get actionable data to fix them.

Fix the following errors: