Top 3 DevOps & SRE Vendors for Continuous Reliability

Learn how Continuous Reliability enables teams to implement best practice workflows across the CI/CD pipeline.

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) recognize leading DevOps & SRE solutions based on their ability to provide intelligent, collaborative platforms for teams and ensure application quality without compromising release velocity.

In this year's report, Continuous Reliability has emerged as the missing piece in the CI/CD pipeline, helping empower engineering organizations to proactively identify, prevent and resolve software issues before customers are impacted.

Report highlights include:

  • EMA expert opinions on which CR vendors are worth investing in
  • 5 key advantages of leveraging Continuous Reliability solutions
  • 5 questions to ask DevOps/SRE platform vendors

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Top 3 DevOps & SRE
Vendors for 
Continuous Reliability

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EMA Decision Guide 2020:

EMA Decision Guide 2020