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OverOps detects and alerts for 100% of production errors, caught and uncaught exceptions.
Easily track the exact variable values and stack trace that led to every exception and error.
OverOps operates between the processor and JVM, enabling it to run in staging and production with less than 1% overhead.
  • Root cause automation in staging and production.

Automated Root Cause in Production

OverOps is Disrupting Java's 21-Year-Old Logging Framework

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Installs in 5 minutes · No code changes needed

Installs in 5 minutes. No code changes needed.

  • The only tool that shows you the full source code and exact variable state that led to 100% of errors
  • Runs at the JVM level using <3% CPU and no additional GC overhead.

How Intuit Automates Root Cause Analysis at Scale  

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Steve Rogers,

Software Development Director

“OverOps turned days of work into minutes. Short of attaching a debugger in production, OverOps is the next best thing.”

By OverOps, Inc. 2018     |     Contact us:     | +1 415-767-1250

By OverOps, Inc. 2018     |     Contact us: 

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