DevQualOps: Delivering Software at Speed Without Sacrificing Quality

As your team grapples with the challenge of balancing speed and quality, it may be time to evolve your testing practices.

In a new report, GigaOM introduces DevQualOps, a new way of thinking about testing and quality in the context of your DevOps pipeline.

The research covers:

  • The shortcomings of traditional testing in the context of today‚Äôs speed-obsessed software landscape

  • The fundamentals of DevQualOps and how it can turn app testing into a catalyst for innovation

  • How OverOps and other DevQualOps tools can help you scale testing across the DevOps pipeline

Download the full report to learn how OverOps can help your team balance agility, innovation and quality.

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DevQualOps: Delivering Software at Speed without Sacrificing Quality

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GigaOM Report

GigaOM Report